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Diamond in a Pearl Collection

The Symbol of Love

"Within the strength of your love lies a diamond while the vast ocean of your kindness hold a gentle pearl."

'Diamond in a Pearl' is the symbol of your love.

Award Winner Designer

Story of Love

When an oyester swallows a grain of sand, it feels discomfort, so it begins to ease the pain by applying a coat of nacre (Pearl). It is during this healing process that is creates a beautiful pearl. This is like life itself. It is easy to love in good times, but it takes courage to love through the discomfort of our lives. The diamond represents the grain of sand and the pearl evokes an aura of courage, love, and healing. It is this unique transformation that has given birth to “Diamond in a Pearl, The Symbol of Love.”


Diamond in a Pearl

Each piece of jewelry comes with a meaningful story in a luxurious gift box. It is ready for you to sign your name on the scroll to let her know how much she mean to you.





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